今までの市民の絆フランスとの共同活動/Our cooperation with Secours Populaire Français thus far


11th March 2011

As soon as receiving the news of Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake, Secours Populaire Français (SPF) called for an urgent meeting, sending the emergency appeal throughout the country to start collecting relief donation. Based on the donation from SPF members, SPF made a partnership with NPO “Children Without Borders” to donate relief goods urgently such as daily necessities, school supplies and small cars for the volunteer activity at the area.


May 2011

A volunteer member was sent from France and together we visited the stricken areas in Iwate and Miyagi prefectures. A photographer and a journalist from Japan joined us to observe the sites, to collect information and to document the situation.


11th May 2011

A ceremony was held to present a school bus for a elementary school at Rias Hall in Ofunato city, Iwate prefecture.


13th May 2011

We’ve visited Yonesaki Municipal Elementary School in Rikuzen Takata city, Iwate prefecture. We gave the message board from Children in France to encourage the students.


Late July, 2011

Four representatives of SPF visited Japan to observe the stricken areas in Iwate and Miyagi prefectures. They had a several meetings with various NPOs, foundations and organizations to learn what kind of specific support they need. As a result, a decision was made to support “You Home Clinic” a home medical care institution which was opened immediately after the earthquake, in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi prefecture. Also decided was to support building an assembly hall near the clinic.


13th to 28th August 2011

We’ve invited four middle school students from Soma city, Fukushima prefecture to participate in “Copain du Monde” program, an annual summer camp organized by SPF in Northern France.


28th September 2011

Opening ceremony of an assembly hall in Ishinomaki city. Six representatives of SPF came to Japan to join the ceremony, including the chairman Julien Lauprêtre. The hall is utilized for various meetings, events for children, as a place for mental health care.


We’ve donated wheelchairs for Special nursing home for the elderly “AZALEA” in Ishinomaki city. We held the ceremony at the home.


28th May 2012

The Child Center we helped building together with a NPO “Campaign for the Children of Palestine” was opened in Otsuchi city, Kamihei county, Iwate prefecture. Four representatives of SPF including the chairman Julien Lauprêtre participated in the opening ceremony and communicated with the children.


29th May 2012

We’ve donated 50 computers to Tokura Elementary School and Tokura Middle School in Minami Sanriku city in Motoyoshi county, Iwate Prefecture. Representatives of SPF visited each school and observed the classrooms. Also handed school supplies to the students.



15th to 27th August 2012

We’ve invited five children including the students of Naraha Municipal Middle School in Fukushima prefecture to “Copain du Monde”, an annual summer camp held in Northern France. For the 20th anniversary of the camp, 200 children from all over the world were invited for the 2-week-camp.


“Copain du Monde” program is for children from all over the world to commune with each other, learn other cultures and to introduce their own countries through camping.